Nutrition mission

Day 9. I had to get in a 7 a.m. class so that we could head out of town for the weekend. I’m not blogging from the comfort of my own couch right now so bear with me. I’m a little out of whack.

My Bikram practice was not top notch today either. Within the first 15 minutes of class, I started to feel seriously queasy and a sense of panic came over me. I thought I might have to step outside of the class for the first time! I started to sweat from the mere thought of doing something that would draw so much (negative) attention to myself.

Leaving class is discouraged in Bikram. They prefer you sit, breathe, collect yourself and jump back in when you’re ready. No going to the bathroom; no sitting in the lobby. The idea being that your body needs to get used to the temperature and not cool off too much or too quickly.

As my tummy troubles worsened, I started plotting my escape. I’m going make a mad dash to the bathroom, but after which pose? When would I come back? Am I looking more pale than usual? Who would notice? Ah! Why did I practice in the front row today?!

I took some deep breaths to calm myself down and evaluate if this was a fleeting moment of sickness. I realized I was fine. Not in top form, but I’d push through and make it. I linked that wave of sickness to the Mexican food I ate the night before, and I came up with another goal for the challenge. A nutrition mission.

I heart veggies

I realize it’s the perfect time to cut out some of the junk I’ve been eating. Hopefully it can boost the benefits to my daily practice. Plus, it might help me lose a few unwanted pounds.

I cook healthy and eat well 75% of the time. No fast food or soda. We eat out only a few times a week. I eat tons of fruits and veggies. I juice. I work hard to stay away from meat and dairy. That being said, my diet could still use a little tweaking and the 60 days is the perfect time to do it.

I can handle missing out on sweets, not eating as much bread, maybe even skipping my nightly glass of wine (gulp!) but my one weakness: Mexican food. I love it. I could eat it every day and by the end of the week I am craving chips and salsa, margaritas, tortillas, beans, the whole spread.

Every Friday we go out to eat for family date night. Can you guess what we eat a majority of the time? Mexican food. Is it the healthiest choice we could make? No. I realize my body would feel better if I didn’t throw off the week of healthy eating with my Friday burrito indulgence.

So, I’m going to try to cut back. Maybe once every other week. I have to ween myself off the stuff. I’m not going to lie, this could be the hardest part of the challenge.

No es bueno.

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