Controversy, parody, G.O.B–it’s just one of those days

Day 19. Life has me kind of wiped out today so I’m going to stay on the lighter side of things. No revelatory postings. No goals or extra challenges within the challenge. I’m all about chillaxin’ with YouTube this afternoon.

Here are some funny and/or interesting things I found while perusing the yoga and wellness site, MindBodyGreen.

Jason Bateman is funny. I enjoy his dry, pessimistic spirit. I saw him in an interview openly talking about being typecast and playing the same guy in most of his roles. He’s got a point there (See: Horrible Bosses, The Switch, Arrested Development). He didn’t seem to mind and I don’t either.

He had me at Michael Bluth.

I found this clip of Bateman talking to David Letterman about, you guessed it, Bikram yoga! He did not enjoy it. I like to believe he was just playing his usual contrarian role. As a child, he actually practiced with Bikram himself. Check it out:

I’m always trying to clear my head during savasana but I usually end up thinking about food. Warning: there may be an F-bomb or two.

Take a look at this awesome yogini. There was some controversy about her lack of clothing in this video but her poses and strength (not to mention her body) are amazing. Now the fellas are interested!

Here’s what you’re more likely to see in class:

Just for good measure, I had to include G.O.B.

I see some Arrested Development viewing in tonight’s future.


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