A Bikram class a day keeps the doctor away

Day 20. I am officially 1/3 of the way through the challenge! I’m proud to have made it this far and better yet, I’m not ready to stop–but a long nap would be nice.

In celebration of our 20-day mark, our studio director brought in a variety of apples to Blue Moon. I believe she’s referencing the old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” since the Bikram school of thought seems be that this yoga is the key to your health. A Bikram class a day…

The apples were pretty accessories at the check-in desk and a sweet, nutritious after-class treat.

I’ve been on a fruit and vegetable mission today. It started at breakfast with my spinach-kale juice concoction, followed by the above mentioned apple snack. Since we have an abundance of leafy greens in our fridge, I whipped up a lovely raw kale salad for lunch. It was tasty. My enjoyment of raw kale is a recent development.

I typically make the type of salad that incorporates the entire fridge. The more veggies the merrier is my salad motto. Most kale salad recipes I’ve found are sparse: kale, a dressing and maybe one or two other ingredients. One night I decided to give one of these skimpy salad recipes a try and, what do you know, it was delish!

I wanted to expand my raw kale repertoire and try this new recipe from Urban Organic Gardner for lunch today. I really liked this one but had to make a couple small changes. I added walnuts (because everything’s better with nuts), cucumbers and balsamic vinegar. I would even add more vinegar next time. The cucumber freshened it up while the walnuts added some hearty protein. Kale is a tough green so massaging the leaves, as suggested, is necessary.

Here’s the recipe including my additions:


  • 1 head of kale
  • 1 lemon
  • Few slices of onion
  • Clove of garlic
  • 1 tbsp of olive oil
  • 1 tsp of raw honey
  • 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • Dash of sea salt
  • Toasted walnuts (optional)
  • Cucumber (optional)


  • Chop up garlic and onion and put into a small jar or dish
  • Squeeze lemon over garlic and onion and let sit for a few minutes
  • Cut up kale and put into bowl
  • Sprinkle sea salt over kale
  • Massage the sea salt into the kale until it starts to wilt down. It might take 2-3 minutes
  • Pour olive oil and raw honey into lemon, garlic and onion mixture
  • Shake it up and pour over kale
  • Massage the dressing into the salad as well
  • Add walnuts, cucumber
  • The longer it sits, the softer it will get


One thought on “A Bikram class a day keeps the doctor away

  1. Rico Suave January 26, 2012 / 2:42 pm

    Kale has never looked so delicious!!!

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