Mother knows best

Day 22 and I’m not even tired of Bikram. I’m actually more addicted than ever. My daughter was feeling sick last night and I was nervous over the possibility that I might have to miss today’s class. It wasn’t because I was worried about having to make it up with a double. Going to class is such a huge part of my day now. I don’t want to miss it.

Luckily, after a good night’s sleep, she was feeling better and I was able to take a fun, high energy class this morning.

Let me first address the comment that I’m addicted to Bikram. I hear this a lot from fellow students. Bikram is consistent. I’ve found that it never lets me down–I always leave class better than how I entered. This style of yoga was overwhelming in the beginning but after about five classes, I found my groove within the practice, and my body started to crave it.

I hear the word addicted constantly in our studio. In fact, just today I was talking with someone after class about it. This particular student, let’s call her Jane, practices with her mother. I’m usually in the same class with this mother-daughter duo but it wasn’t until today that I put the pieces together and figured out their relation.

Mom is a talkative, feisty, petite woman with a New York accent (we don’t hear many of those around these parts). Jane is open, warm and plays on a local roller derby team. I was immediately fascinated by this pair. I see them both practicing nearly every day, not always in the same classes, and found it so charming that they share a devotion to yoga.

I told Jane, “I’d love my mom to come, but I could never get her in here.” Her response caught me off guard. She said, “She actually got me into it. She was doing it first.” Jane found Bikram through her mother. I had assumed it was the other way around.

I’ve daydreamed about my mom coming to yoga with me but that is likely to never happen. I’ve imagined my husband in class. This is more feasible but will take a lot of sweet talkin’.

I’ve even done the math on how long until I’d let my daughter give Bikram a whirl. She was definitely showing some sincere enthusiasm tonight when we were entertaining the thought of her sharing a class with me. I’m thinking in a couple of years she could handle it–if Jason Bateman can do Bikram as a kid, my daughter surely could.

That was what happened to Jane. She had absolutely no intention of trying this crazy “hot yoga” that her brother in Los Angeles was doing. He turned their parents on to Bikram in Fresno but couldn’t get Jane on board.

“I saw him wringing out his shorts after practice one day and I said, there’s no way I’m doing that,” she said. Her mom eventually talked her into taking some classes. “When I first started, I’d look for coolest part of the room, now I’m always looking for the hottest. I’m addicted.”

There’s something about Bikram that makes me want to experience it with my loved ones. I want the best for them: to feel great, get in better shape and health. I felt connected to this discipline right away and I’m so curious to see if the people closest to me would feel the same.

Right now they just think I’m crazy.

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