Is it Friday yet?

Day 35. I would like a day off from yoga. Unfortunately, that’s not what I signed up for. I’m trying to push past this dreary phase but it’s been a challenging week.

I think I need chocolate.

My enthusiasm from early on in the challenge is waning. I’m confident that I’ll get my mojo back but right now I just want to take it easy. I did miss class last Sunday for Super Bowl and found myself actually missing class that day. I had a great practice when I returned on Monday so I know it’s possible to love Bikram again.

I feel like I’m dwelling on the negative and for that I apologize. I think it’s the ebb and flow of committing to 60 days of nonstop Bikram yoga. I think the emotional roller coaster comes with the territory. I’m going to have blah days. In this case, I’ve had five.



One thought on “Is it Friday yet?

  1. adam February 10, 2012 / 7:49 am

    Whenever something I’m doing over and over again starts to get boring, I try to approach it from a different angle or with a different motivation. I’ve found with jogging (with Carrie) that changing scenery scenery by jogging a different route or focusing on spotting cats or birds helps. I know you can’t do that with yoga since you’re stuck in a studio but maybe you can translate it. Mix up your morning routine a little, drive to yoga on a different route or, like you’ve mentioned in a previous post, hit up a new spot in the room.

    I don’t know if it will work, but even if you change the order of what you do in the morning, it jolts your mind to think differently. Maybe if you can avoid getting into a rut with your morning routine, it will affect how your mind approaches yoga for the day. (Or it will totally mess you up and you’ll be all wonky for the day 😛 )

    Just some thoughts and suggestions.

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