Nobody said it was easy

Day 39. This was a tough Monday. I took yesterday off from blogging so that I could enjoy our busy day. I attended morning yoga followed by wine tasting with friends which began in early afternoon and lasted until after dark. I didn’t have a very strong practice this morning but was happy to sweat out some of yesterday’s damage. Gross.

I also wanted to watch The Grammys last night to see how they were going to pay tribute to Whitney Houston on such short notice.

We watched and waited for someone, anyone, to sing a Whitney classic. What struck me as the most meaningful moment of the night had nothing to do with awards or tributes. It was a simple and powerful Chipotle commercial.

No dialog was needed to convey Chipotle’s message. They gave the general public a basic outline of how farming started– actual farmers with roaming animals eating green grass; where we are now–unnatural looking animals stuffed in concrete buildings and force-fed antibiotics; to where we need to go–back to the simple, natural process of raising livestock.

I’ve watched several documentaries and read a few books that focused on this concept and it has made me a more mindful consumer. I don’t really trust where our meat and dairy is coming from which is a big reason why I try scale back on eating the stuff as much as possible.

I’ve always enjoyed Chipotle’s food and philosophy but they’ve outdone themselves this time. That’s some effective advertising–not only do I appreciate their “Cultivate a Better World” slogan but now I want a burrito bowl. Eat your heart out, Don Draper.


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