Livin’ on the edge

Day 45. I’ve reached my mental edge in the challenge–the point where I can’t take any more. But can I stop? Nope. There are only 15 days to go!

I love yoga but I have to be honest. I’ll be happy to finish the 60 days and take a break. My body feels broken right about now. My broken breakdown is as follows: tweaked out lower back, sore shoulders, tight hamstrings, aching neck, mental fatigue, stressed Doppler.

“Pushing your edge” is a phrase our teachers at Blue Moon use from time to time. The edge is the point where you stop when you feel a twinge of pain. The philosophy behind pushing beyond that is to move past your perceived edge. The mind is telling you that it’s not possible but you can actually go further than you think.

I’ve realized that stopping at the same point in a pose every time (or missing a class here and there) is just living in a comfort zone. Some days that’s OK but I’m finding that nudging over my edge is good. Being a little uncomfortable can actually lead to growth.




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