The end.

Day 60!!

I can now check 60 consecutive days of Bikram yoga off my to-do list. It was long, it was grueling, it was HOT, I loved and hated it. But I made it!

Blue Moon was buzzing with excitement before class began this morning. Little clusters of yogis filled the room, talking excitedly about the 60 Day Challenge party we had over the weekend, congratulating each other, comparing notes on our bodies and minds on thisĀ  final day of our yoga marathon. We were crossing off the ’60’ on the challenge poster with smiles on our faces, high fiving and hugging each other in joint success.

Thought it'd never happen but finally got to cross off number 60!

I’ve never really done a fitness challenge as intense and all-consuming as the Bikram challenge. I’m not surprised that I made it, because I’m generally a pretty determined person, but I’m proud of the accomplishment.

Best part of the challenge: Developing friendships with fellow students

Least favorite part: No breaks! My muscles were sore nearly every day

My daughter was happy to know that today was my last day. This challenge did take time away from my family life so I’m happy to have my weekends back. No more dropping whatever I’m doing to rush off to yoga.

Although my family and friends thought I was a little nutty for taking this on, they were so supportive the entire time. Whether it was watching my little girl, giving me a much needed pep talk or just saying they read my blog, it all helped me make it to the finish line. They’re awesome.

I look forward to going back to my regularly scheduled yoga but after I take these next few days off. I’ll go back to four to five days per week. Most importantly I’ll be back to taking class because I want to not because I have to.



Four! More! Days!

Day 56. We’re so close to challenge victory! I’m feeling motivated again but finding that I wake up with sore legs and an aching back every morning. I’m pretty sure that my body’s going to be stoked when it gets a well deserved break next week.

I’m already planning which days I’m going to take off. Yay for yoga vacation!

I was pretty cranky this morning but after a good butt-kicking in class I felt like a different person. I didn’t feel anxious and my gloom was gone. I was uplifted! It reminded me why I do this every day. I feel better, I do better. When I take the time to “check in” with my body (as our director says), I set myself up for a good day.

I’m equally excited and nervous to see what happens to my yoga discipline after the challenge is over. I plan to take off a day or two but that’s it. I don’t want to lose the momentum I’ve worked so hard to gain through out the 60 days. The whole point of the challenge is to develop yoga into a daily priority for your mental and physical health. I’m scared I’ll fall off the wagon once I realize I don’t have to go.

But after today’s practice, I realized I shouldn’t worry about following through after the challenge. I think there’s a good chance I’ll make it to class.