Wait(ing) For It


In celebration of the new year, we planned our first family trip to New York City. We were so excited to visit famous landmarks and museums, but especially looking forward to seeing as many Broadway shows as possible.

Quick backstory: our household became obsessed with Hamilton: An American Musical last year when our 13-year-old started playing the soundtrack non-stop and energized our desire to see live theater. We knew it was nearly impossible to score tickets to Hamilton in New York since it’s sold out months in advance. As our trip approached, we convinced ourselves not to hold out hope of seeing it. That is until we got to the city.

Hamilton 3.jpgWe arrived in NYC on Saturday morning. By Sunday, we were standing outside of the Richard Rogers theater taking pictures and soaking in the Hamilton vibe. We talked to the door man and got some insight on getting tickets via the cancellation line. By Tuesday we were standing in that line, hoping for our shot at the most hyped musical on the planet.

Here’s the skinny on scoring day-of tickets through the cancellation line: be one of the first 10 people in line on any given show day and you have a 98% (give or take) chance of getting a ticket. On Tuesday afternoon, we strolled by the theater, realized we would be 14-16th in line and decided, “why not?” It was raining and we didn’t have plans for the rest of the day. We made new friends and listened to the urban legends of Hamilton tickets. “They let in 21 people yesterday!” and “They’ll release a bunch of standing-room-only tickets for $10!”  We waited from 2 pm until the 7:05 pm curtain.

We didn’t make the cut.

Bummed but not surprised, we sprinted to Chicago and got tickets for that instead. It was great! We saw Kinky Boots on Wednesday and it was fantastic. It was even better than Chicago but we still had Hamilton on the brain. If these other shows were so great how amazing could Hamilton be?! We were dying to find out.

Thursday was our last night in the city and my husband decided this was it. He planned on getting to the cancellation line early. He would stake out a spot in the front of the line and wait as long as necessary to get his girls tickets to this show. Freezing temperatures be damned, he would wait for it and make Hamilton happen!

By 9:45 a.m. we were the 4-6th in line. My husband stayed in line all day while my daughter and I came and went, bringing food and warm drinks; ducking into nearby hotels for a few minutes of warmth in the restroom; shopping for souvenirs at the official Hamilton store down the block. We made friends with our line cohorts and we kept each other entertained throughout the long day of waiting. A professional line sitter, who had seen the show so many times he’d lost count, and was first in line at 5 a.m. was the self-appointed one. He gave us the skinny on all the shows and various cast members. Also keeping us company on the cold cement steps of the Richard Rogers Theater was our Hawaiian friend who flew to New York by himself just to see Hamilton. And let’s not forget the 18-year-old newlywed couple from Virginia who spent their honeymoon waiting in line on a freezing New York day for a shot at tickets.

Hanging outside the theater with our new friends on the coldest day of our trip

Happily, it all paid off. Around 5:30 p.m. they released a few tickets and we scored front row seats to the 7 p.m. show! I was so elated I sprained my ‘good foot’ during my celebratory jumping and squealing. Our fellow line friends also got in. It was a lucky day for everyone!hamilton-2

Our review of the show: amazing. It lived up to our high expectations and I say, without a hint of sarcasm, it was absolutely worth sitting outside in the cold for eight hours. My husband agrees.

We were so familiar with the original cast soundtrack that it took a minute to absorb that it was happening right in front of us. Being in the front row put us in the line of fire for all of the sweat and energy oozing from the cast. We saw the spit spray as they belted our beloved tunes to the balcony seats. What we lost in perspective, we gained in the details of the costumes, choreography and facial expressions that may have been lost a few rows back.

Looking back now, it really blew our minds. I’m pretty sure Angelica smiled at me while I was bawling during the curtain call. Jaelynn swears King George scowled right at her. It was her favorite moment of the show.

Our view of the Hamilton stage from the front row

It was a perfect way to end our most excellent New York adventure.


3 thoughts on “Wait(ing) For It

  1. Decahydronymous February 6, 2017 / 7:01 pm

    I only noticed how beautiful you look in New York.
    What’d I miss?

  2. hashtagido February 6, 2017 / 11:59 pm

    PROUD OF YOU! havent been able to read this through yet- but i CANT WAIT.

    welcome back baby!

    ps- so glad i got to see you Friday night. xoxooxx


    Christine Rose Brown || 559.903.8900

    [twitter] [website]


    • Joy February 7, 2017 / 5:17 pm

      Always love spending time with my fave entrepreneur!

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